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302 Reconciliation Way, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120

January 2021 - Tribal Relations Certification Program

Program Length

The Tribal Relations Certification Program is a 36-week program that begins January 4, 2021 and ends October 16, 2021.

Courses of Study in the Program

The program consists of the following four courses with each lasting 9-weeks in length. TGA 2012.5 Foundations of Tribal Life and Culture/ TGA 2022.5 Principles of Tribal Sovereignty/ TGA 3012.5 Tribal Governance and Economic-Community Development/ TGA 3022.5 Tribal Self-Determination

Program Cost

The Tribal Relations Certification Program costs - $1800 Tuition and $250 General Fees for a total of $2050. Students may pay the full amount upon enrollment or choose to pay one-half of the total ($1025) with the balance due May 10, 2021. Payment is made online through PayPal or may be made by check. Please note that PayPal charges a user fee for its service (2.2%). If paying by check, identify on the check the program you are enrolling in. Mail checks to Star University, 302 Reconciliation Way, Tulsa, OK 74120. All payments must be made before the start of the term.