January 2022 - CGS 2012.5 Cherokee Government and Society (Community Audit Available)

Course Length

The course listed on the next page is offered by Star University faculty and in association with Cherokee PINS Foundation in the Cherokee Government and Society Certification Program. The course is 9-weeks in length and the first course begins Monday, January 26, 2022 and the course ends March 25, 2022.

Course Cost

Students interested in taking this course as a "Community Audit" course which does not lead to course credit costs $50 (USD) tuition. The course cost for students wishing to take the course for post-secondary credit will pay $225

Payment by Check

If you wish to pay by check instead of through PayPal, mail your check to Star University, 215 State Street, Suite 308, Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401, (+1) 539-302-7508. After you have chosen the course(s) you wish to take, click the Enroll button. You can ignore the page which will take you to PayPal.

Payment plan

Student's wanting to take the course by "Community Audit" must pay the full amount of $50 due at enrollment. Students wishing to take the course for post-secondary credit may choose from the following options: One Payment 1) Pay all of the tuition in one payment and receive an additional 10% reduction in the tuition cost (Pay $168.75). Two Payments 2) Pay the tuition cost in two payments. $50 at the beginning of the course and the second payment of $137.50 four weeks later.

How to select course

After you fill in the information on this page, click on the Submit Application button. You will be taken to the next page where you can choose the course you wish to take. Click on the box by the course you wish to be enrolled in.