Course Cost

Each course costs $225 (USD) tuition or its equivalent in local currency (except where otherwise stated). Students in some cohorts could be eligible for significant scholarships and only pay a portion of the tuition cost for a course. Students are expected to either make full payment for the course enrolled in or part payment based on the Two Payment plan. The default payment method is made online through PayPal or to an official Star University representative in that particular country/region. However, students in the US may pay by check. Please note that PayPal charges a user fee for its service (2.2%).

How to Select Your Course(s)

After you fill in the information on this page, click on the Submit Application button. You will be taken to the next page where you can choose the course(s) you wish to take. Simply identify from the top down menu at the top of the screen, the department in which the course(s) you wish to take is listed. Then click on the box by the course(s) you wish to be enrolled in.

Payment by Check

If US students wish to pay by check instead of through PayPal, they can mail a check to Star University,215 State Street, Suite 308, Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401. After you have chosen the course(s) you wish to take, click the Enroll button. You can ignore the page which will take you to PayPal if you are paying by check or you are making payment to a Star University representative in that country/region.

Payment Plan

There are two ways to pay for a course: One Payment 1) Pay all of the tuition in one payment at the start of the course. Two Payments 2) Pay the course tuition cost in two payments. One-half at the beginning of the course, at the time of enrollment, and the second payment of the balance of the tuition cost at the mid-point of the course.


Upon enrollment in one of its courses, Star University has awarded you a 50% tuition scholarship and a 100% fee scholarship. All you pay is $225 for the entire course. Additional scholarships may also be awarded through foundations, organizations, churches, or benevolent individuals. To see if additional scholarship funding is available please contact