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RDAEF (Registered Dental Assistant in Extended Functions)

In this course, students are taught the procedures that RDAEF s are authorized to perform: restorative and prosthetic treatment review; charting; patient education; legal requirements; indications and contraindications; problem solving techniques; laboratory, preclinical, and clinical criteria and evaluation; infection control protocol implementation; dental science, including dental and oral anatomy, histology, oral pathology, normal or abnormal anatomical and physiological tooth descriptions, tooth morphology, basic microbiology relating to infection control, and occlusion; characteristics and manipulation of dental materials realated to each procdure; armamentaria for all procedures; principles, techniques, criteria, and evaluation for performing each procdure; tooth isolation and matrix methodology review; rubber dam application; matrix placement for amalgam and nonmetallic restorative material restorations in both primary and permanent dentitions; base, liner and etchant placement; preliminary evaluation of the patient s oral health, including charting of existing conditions excluding periodontal assessment, intraoral and extraoral evaluation of soft tissue, classifying occlusion, and myofunctional evaluation; sizing, fitting, and cementing endodontic master points and accesorry points; gingival retraction; final impressions for permanent indirect and toothborne restorations; placing, contouring, finishing, and adjusting direct restorations; polishing and contouring existing amalgam restorations; and adjusting and cementing permanent indirect restorations.

RDAEF (Registered Dental Assistant with Expanded Functions)

No classes are being offered at this time for this course.

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